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Still busy. Also, recs.

First things first, the new trailer for Spare Time Images' Highlander fan film is online now here.

News from the to-do list:
  • I have found several places where I can buy a dishwasher but not the necessary hole in the wall. Tomorrow I'll try some more.

  • My telephone is, according to the company that built it, still legal.

  • Paperwork is progressing, though I cannot find the bill detailing costs for work done around the house.

  • No progress wrt DSL

  • Went to another giant furniture store with Ceridwen. Discovered that I hate to touch microfibre, or at least the kind they use for furniture. (The kind used for clothes just sticks to my hands, and I'm always worried about damaging it.) Found the first sofas I feel that would make me feel happy instead of regretful seeing them every day. Unfortunately those can not be turned into guest beds. I___ recommended that I should just get a folding bed for guests. I am unsure if the colour scheme I am planning isn't just a bad 70s flashback.

  • And I bought a sheepskin dyed a very energetic shade of purple, for no good reason at all.

I've also been reading fanfic and found something to rec:

Title: This Is How The Universe Ends
Fandom: Discworld/Torchwood
Author: googlebrat (Laura Walker) and perryvic
Length: 3900 words
What it's about? Death comes for the universe, but he can't do so while someone's still alive, and he cannot take Jack...
Why read it? It's brilliant and funny and sweet and strange and downright philosophical.
Why not read it? Not very good as a Pratchett pastiche.

Title: Sunshine on Skin
Fandom: Doctor Who
Author: snowwhiteliar
Length: 2300 words
What it's about? It's a coda to "Gridlock", using the "Face of Boe" line from the end of "Last of the Time Lords".
Why read it? It gives a reasonable explanation to the whole idea, plus it is full of hope and wonder, and like going out into the first sunny day of early spring.
Why not read it? You hated that line even more than I did and refuse to contemplate it further.

Title: Today's Not Over Yet
Fandom: Doctor Who
Author: misscam (Camilla Sandman)
Length: 1000 words
What it's about? The Doctor, on the eve of the last battle of the Time War.
Why read it? It's a very in character answer to "What would you do if you knew the world would end tomorrow", associative and jumpy like time travel, and full of joy and appreciation for the world.
Why not read it? You like your stories with a little more plot.

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