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Holidays, RPG and OMG Fandom - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Mon Jun. 26th, 2006

03:25 pm - Holidays, RPG and OMG Fandom

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I'm back from my holidays, check my usual fandom links, and what do I find?

Yepp. Wank. Great friggin' big wank. Historical wank. Layers of it. It's amazing. Who needs soap operas when they've got fandom?
In short, someone sets out to become a Big Name Fan in the Harry Potter fandom by means fair or foul, and quickly drops to the level of Evil Genius Supervillainess. She exploits the fandom's fault lines to frame herself in the bright light of wank explosions, tells folks whatever they most enjoy to hear, creates villains so she can smite them without breaking a fingernail... in other words, writes herself as a Mary Sue into the no-man's-land between fiction and reality. Read the whole story if you're into that kind of thing and have some time to kill.

My holidays nearly made me a football fan. I just love having the autobahn all to myself because everybody is inside watching the world championship. Tiassa (who hasn't a LJ) and I drove up to the sea and spend a week lazing around. We watched seagulls, had fun with the temperamental weather, read a lot and ate a lot of fish. On two days it was warm and calm enough to bathe, and to lie on the beach and soak up the sun. The next two days we had 13 C and strong winds, and we huddled in our blankets while admiring the waves. A good week. Too short, though.

The week before, I visited Tiassa and we had another round of our SF role playing game. No psychotic giant robots or evil pirates this time, instead our team of disaster control specialists had to get through the perfect storm to reach and activate a weather control station in time to keep the storm from hitting the coast line. And as a storm has no stats, it can, of course, not be killed...

I came home yesterday evening and my cats were enthusiastic about having me back and followed me into the shower. The Big Cat shed like crazy, I combed him for an hour, and when he jumped off the table afterward he still did it in a cloud of fur flying ever which way. I wonder if it's the season, or if he just accumulates hair when I'm not at home to comb him. Both, probably.