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The Good, the Bad and the Rest of the Week

Good news: I'll get DSL, some time this week. If you cannot reach me, it's probably because the usual chaos that comes with changing providers. If it's urgent, call my mobile.

Bad news: Sprained my back again (third time in four years) and are in a lot of pain. Can't move properly. Have been calling in sick to work.

Rest of the week:

Went to three more furniture stores, and now have to decide on one of three, or decide to continue searching for that one perfect sofa that must be out there somewhere. Which feels like overdoing it.

Still haven't found someone to sell me a hole in the wall.

Have agreed to sell two boxes of old comics, but because of my sprained back I cannot package them.

I___ is fangirling David Tennant, so we spent Friday evening watching Casanova, and yesterday evening watching the first two episodes of "Blackpool". I'm not complaining.

Friday we had a casserole of seasonal vegetables (eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes), with a few potatoes for substance, all chopped and mixed with olive oil, some cumin, paprika powder, salt, black pepper, a good amount of garlic, a spoonful of molasses and some water, baked until the potatoes were done (about 50 minutes on 180°C), than for 15 more minutes with mozzarella cheese on top. Yesterday, I___ brought home-made plum cake and some chocolate muffins left over from work.

Saturday it was cool and cloudy, so I went to the pool (I hate crowds). After half an hour I seriously wished that men would have to pass a test before being allowed at the public pool. Because women who are bad swimmers are so with very little fuss, while men who are bad swimmers are so with as much fuss as possible and annoy everyone within splashing range. There's a perfectly good canal on the west side of town where they can splash all they want without getting in anyone's way. Gah.
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