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Weekend, snow, and an accident

This weekend, we were driving over to David's and H___'s place again for another round in our long-running WoD crossover game. The most exciting out of game part was that the weather forecast had promised heavy snow, but we had only a few flurries of snow half-way, and none at all on the way back, although it was quite cold. I was running around in a T-shirt and found it refreshing. Ceridwen was wearing a jumper and an anorak and got a cold.


Our group is still in that steam punk world. Our patron spirit is silent, so, for fun and to pass the time, we joined the adventurers' guild. We applied for a job accompanying some duke, his fiancée, his battle butler and his pet archaeologist to discover and explore a sunken city. When first meeting the noble, my character asked the group to keep it down and not brag, even when we were asked "so, what can you do?", because with our crazy mix and more than 200 experience points, the truth is way too out there. Plus, with a psychic, an engineer, a medic, an intelligent cat, a wolf shaman and an expert on architecture, we already sound pretty competent, without going into the details. (The pilot and the duellist were in limbo, because the players were home with a bad cold.)

Travelling was fun. Exploring new cities, too much shopping. Getting attacked by raiders on flying dinosaurs. Getting into the sunken city required cave diving. The duke had brought steam punk-y diving suits, but our werewolf and my character immensely enjoyed underwater scouting without all that heavy gear.

Of course, there was the moment of panic when the cat opened a door without reading the warning signs on it. That door blocked a gate between worlds, and the moment it opened, "down" and "front" shifted, so that instead of a 100 metre corridor and then a chasm, we had a 100 meter fall and then the bottom of a large cave. No one got hurt.

Next stop: Exploring the city!


H___'s black-and-white cat had lost weight and clumsiness and was very cute. Her white cat had grown immense amounts of fur and spend one night outside, despite the freezing and the light snowfall.

The most fun thing apart from role-playing was watching the Top Gear video about the Toyota Hi-Lux (YouTube vids linked through Wikipedia, here.).

Sunday after I came home there was more snow, and Monday I___ phoned me at work to tell me that two cars had crashed in my street and one of them had at least messed up Secunda's paint. So now I have to deal with the insurance. Just great.
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