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I'm the luckiest moron in town - The Lyorn's Den

Fri Jul. 28th, 2006

04:02 pm - I'm the luckiest moron in town

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First I lose my motorbike key somewhere between where I parked it and my flat, so I have to use the spare key. I come home at 2 am, and what does my headlight point at, lying glittering in the street? My key.

Next, I get soaked when driving to work because I didn't look at the sky before leaving my jacket at home, I arrive in my office looking like Miss Wet T-Shirt -- and all of my co-workers have either taken a day off, or they are at a meeting and do not return until I have dried somewhat.

All that in less than 36 hours.

Also, the heat has finally broken, and I have seen Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest in the midnight preview (that's why I was driving around at 2 in the morning, in case you were wondering) and it made me very happy. Squid! Pintel and Ragetti! Elizabeth in drag! Scruffy Norrington! And more squid! Excuse me while I squee like a fangirl.

Plus, I'm writing like mad. It's "only" a re-doing of a plot I had mentioned in passing in another story before (those who know my Perry Rhodan fanfic, it's the part about how Solveig came to join the Mutants -- and doesn't that sound like the biggest Sue on Earth already? oh, WTH.), but I'm writing 2,000 words a night and have great fun.

Two new links:

Jim MacDonald on How to avoid/deal with heat stress. Useful info.

And an old (1994) but beautiful essay/rant from matociquala on "People like us": "Understand: we never expected to live this long.".