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Cold New Year

I spend New Year's Eve with Snow, watching DVDs and eating potato stew and leftover Lebkuchen. At midnight we watched the fireworks from my balcony for about ten minutes and burned a few sparklers before the cold drove us back in. The thermometer in front of my bedroom window had gone down to -8°C the last few nights, which means -10 or colder away from the house, and today I finally lost patience with the cold and turned on the heating in all rooms. (I know they say you should not turn on the heating in rooms where you dry the washing, but come on, 12°C and 30 per cent humidity?) So now the temperature is a comfortable 16°C all around, and cozy 18°C in the living room.

Yes, the flat has some problems with heating. But it's cool in summer, which is more important to me.
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