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Links of the (more or less) Week - The Lyorn's Den

Mon Jun. 6th, 2005

03:07 pm - Links of the (more or less) Week

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I used to sent this per e-mail, but honestly I have no idea whether any of the recipients is really interested, or if they just feel spammed by my exaggerated need to share.

Putting this up in my LJ instead seems the perfect solution. After all, where do you act on your exaggerated need to share, if not here?

A short note: There's lots of links to forums and message boards this time. Just because I link the articles doesn't mean I'd recommend reading the discussion. If I rec the discussion, I'll say so.


Which cult should you join?
(I bet you always wanted to know that!)

The Five-Sided Adventure Test


A fangirl's running commentary. Very funny

A nutcase's general commentary. Also very funny, but for a very different value of "funny".
Comments on the above commentary are here and here.

Star Wars Origami


Terry Gillams latest projects


Neil Gaiman on Where do you get your ideas?

The science fiction genre stole my script!


Gorilla Warfare, or, That's funny, I made the same mistake... when I was six.

Contrary to what you might assume from the link's name, this is work-safe and smut-free. But weird. Gay Sex Demons

Graveyard of Spaceships

For the "I don't believe they're doing this -- you're making it up! Ha ha!" folks among my readers (You know who you are :-): Americans und Evolution.


Big cat. Very big cat. 1000 lbs of cuteness and growing. With photos.


Interactive Primer on Torture. Not work safe (images).


"I have just decided that we should have Occam's Chocolate Razor. Any explanation that includes chocolate should be assumed unless there is a strong counterargument. World peace lies in that direction."
--- Howard C. Berkowitz in soc.culture.german

"Others might recall that old adage that girls mature earlier than boys - it has been suggested that half the male population is dead before they have reached the age at which they mature."
--- Avedon on Eschaton, May 29 2005


Title: Diffenent For Girls
Author: Mosca
Fandom: Firefly
Length: 1900 words
Why read it? Because you can never get enough of the characters.
Why not read it? Because you have no idea who these folks are.

Title: The Fall of the House of Black
Author: Odyssa
Fandom: Harry Potter
Length: 1400 words
Why read it? Because a teenaged Sirius who had read too much Poe is hysterically funny.
Why not read it? Because all of your attempts to read Poe ended with glazed eyes after less than two sentences.

Title: The Serpents' Society and the Guild of the Eagle
Autor: Amberdulen
Fandom: Harry Potter
Length: 140,000 words
Why read it? Because it is a well-written action-adventure that re-tells OotP from a different POV and adds one or two interesting storylines to it.
Why not read it? Because it is part 5 of a 450,000 word story cycle, you should read the earlier parts first, and really, you had other plans for the summer.

have fun!