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Meeting R., cooking dinner, and some music

Yesterday I was visiting R--- again. It's strange that we only meet two or three times a year, although she lives less then 10km away. I meet flederkatz more often, and she lives on the other side of the country.

Anyway, R---'s daughter S--- is now nine and is learning to play the guitar. She wants to learn some chords so she can accompany songs. I showed her a few (of course she had picked a difficult song in a minor, with G and F in it, which she cannot do yet because her hands are rather small for her new guitar), but it was a start. She has a good idea about where to put her fingers and how -- things I was totally oblivious about when I learned to play. But I was older and much taller.

After the kids were in bed, R--- and I cooked a dish from a book of Asian recipes that I had lent her years ago. Twice-fried chicken with lemon sauce, and it was a hell of a lot of work, but came out very well.

We marinated thin stripes of chicken breast in egg yolk mixed with soy sauce and sherry and a little water, covered them in a flour-starch mix, then deep-fried them in a pot to slight crunchiness and let them cool on paper towels. Pressed the juice from two lemons and heated it with brown sugar and a tiny bit of sherry, and when it boiled, put in starch to thicken it. In the meantime, we boiled some rice, and when it was nearly done, the chicken breast stripes went in a pan on high temperature for a few minutes until they were nice and hot and a little brown. Heap the meat on a plate, pour the sauce on it, and cover with thinly sliced scallions.

Very tasty, but if I ever do that again, it will be in summer in the yard. With a real deep-fryer, not an open pot. Deep-frying creates a very large mess, covers every surface within arm's reach with a fine layer of fat and produces a smell as distinctive, clingy and unpleasant as cigarette smoke.

Tomorrow is the local gaming convention. I'll be GMind "Deadlands". And not with eight players.
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