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Someone at the gaming convention managed to give me their germs. The cold I got for Christmas was barely over, and now I'm sick again. Can't breathe properly. Head hurts. Eyes hurt. Teeth hurt. Attempting to breathe hurts. Throat hurts. Chest hurts. Took two ibus and still my eyes are watering because my sinuses hurt. Do not dare to take more ibus because I'm getting close to maximum dose and are already nauseous.

Not running a fever, of course. I never do. Last time my temperature got up to 38°C I had a real, actual flu and for three days was barely able to crawl from the bed to the bathroom, plus, hallucinating like whoa.

Oh, and my project lead wants to see me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow morning at 8pm, finding ways to put a very large and complicated bandage on a very large and long-brewing mess. I can hardly make out the screen as I type this. Tired, but if lie down, breathing will become nearly impossible and I will wake up from a repeated nightmare of drowning.

Am considering being dead a pleasant alternative.
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