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Light bulbs - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Tue Feb. 17th, 2009

02:59 pm - Light bulbs

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Just read that the EU is going to put an end to classic light bulbs. So now, what to do?

1. Put a heavy-duty halogen indirect light in every room.
Pro: Helps heating in winter, very good light quality
Con: Hot in summer. Lamps have low life expectency and replacing one costs about 15 Euro for the lamp and 7 for the bulb. More stuff in the rooms.

2. Put energy saver bulbs in every room.
Pro: No additional stuff. Little heating effect year-round.
Not con: Light quality has become OK in recent years. I didn't notice the noise and flickering in the one energy saver bulb I have at the moment, so either those bugs were worked out or I have become too old to notice. Lack of heating in winter can be offset by turning on central heating more.
Con: To give the bulbs a reasonable life expectancy, I'd either need to have about 120 watts running continously or get a strong flashlight.

Both alternatives seem kind of wasteful. So, energy savers + flashlight?

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