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Shopping - The Lyorn's Den

Tue Oct. 10th, 2006

03:42 pm - Shopping

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I had just looked up the street addresses of the closest book stores, when my colleague phoned, that we should to go to work today and test whether my computer would work with the local net. It didn't, so I typed my travelogue instead while waiting for the network administration to call. They didn't, and I left.

This time I was awake and somewhat more clueful, so I took only a few wrong turns the navigation system had me undo and made my way to one of the bookstores from my list. Old habit had made me go for the first parking place I saw, so I had to walk a little. The place was marked as a "Shopping Mall", but to my great relief it wasn't indoors, just one quiet street and a pedestrian plaza with lots of shops and even more eating places. Fortunately I wasn't hungry, or I would have had trouble choosing. There also was a big cineplex which utterly lacked any movie posters on the outside. After some walking I found the bookstore, and discovered again the bookstore magic: simply entering and gazing at all those shelves made me calm and happy. Enthusiastically I started digging.

They had "Dzur", but only in hardcover. Same with "Kushiel's Scion" and "A Feast for Crows". After some throughout and delightful browsing, I settled for the second book of Jim Butcher's "The Dresden Files": "Fool Moon", and for Dorothy Sayer's "The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club". I also got me two maps, and had an iced tea which was actually very good, and drove back when dark was falling, quite content. I briefly considered getting some take-out from one of the half-million eating places in the mall or on the way back to the hotel, but I still wasn't hungry, had spent some money already, and the prospect of take-out food in a hotel room seemed bleak.

The hotel serves dinner -- nothing special, just one dish on the buffet. It was good enough. I grabbed a ham-and-cheese sandwich and retreated to my room, where I spent the evening reading, and drinking tea, which wasn't good because the tea bags I had in my baggage were quite old, but hey, it was tea.

Still not running on local time, I went to bed at half past nine in the evening.