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Unexpected near-completion of fic - The Lyorn's Den

Sat May. 30th, 2009

11:17 pm - Unexpected near-completion of fic

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I have finished the dratted chapter eight. It still came out a travelogue, and I didn't include the man with the gun, but I managed to parallel space and time in a vaguely satisfactory manner. The not-moving is a place to which the protogonist returns, the movement is how her perspective has changed.

And with that, it's possible that the story is complete, even though it will still need some re-writing (of a fight scene in chapter seven, and of the epilogue which is a pasted-on older story). And then I'll need flederkatz's help again to untangle my sentences and dig out missing auxiliary verbs.

I wonder if it happens to anyone else that they get surprised by finding that they have written everything that belongs in the story?

In other, less satisfying news, the sports club in which I'm only a member because I forget to leave has sent me a nasty letter for not paying my dues and threatens me with lawyers. Only, I have a bank statement proving that I paid in March. This is stupid.

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