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Picked up on LJ - The Lyorn's Den

Wed Jun. 10th, 2009

08:52 pm - Picked up on LJ

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(well, Dreamwidth, to be exact, but it overlaps)

Jonathan Tweet (Ars Magica, Sorcerer's Crusade) makes a total ass out of himself on his LJ by a) believing in evo psych gender essentialism, and b) using it to explain why so few women play role playing games.


The guy has clearly spent too much time designing character classes and now believes that everyone is born into one.

Well. He does kind of apologize and says he has never before realised that some boys only gaming groups behave badly towards girls who want to play. Remember, this is the guy who wrote for White Wolf. Which had fucking essays on this fucking topic in their fucking magazine in fucking 1994.

The German word for this is "merkbefreit".

ETA: jhkim dissects in more detail.

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