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Weekend role playing - The Lyorn's Den

Mon Jun. 22nd, 2009

12:45 am - Weekend role playing

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We were playing our WoD crossover campaign again this weekend -- only Saturday and Sunday, because too many players were busy on Friday, including me. (Work, btw, is still insane.) We drove over to F___, leaving at 8 in the morning, so we arrived just in time for breakfast. I was dead tired in the afternoon and had to catch a nap while the others were exploring the archives of a lost city. The city was in fact a parked space ship from another universe that had no intention to go anywhere until the sun exploded. (Expected to happen in 3500 years.) The archives refused to tell us why ("This information is classified"), so we theorised far ahead of our data. That turned out to be a Very Bad Idea.

Our best (if completely wrong) theory was that the ship, created by a very long-lived people running a large and expanding empire, was set up to create a dimensional gate with the energy of the sun going nova and get an invasion fleet through. Our cat heroically set out to stop the nefarious plan from coming to fruition, and in doing so found out what the ship really was here to do: To keep a demon/true mage imprisoned in a stasis field until (they hoped) the upcoming nova would dispose of him.

We found that out when the demon mage got free and destroyed the ship. We ran for the portal that had brought us into this world, and did our best to get the archaeological expedition we were paid to protect (competent and very civilised folks who knew nothing of our nature, background or agenda) out in one piece. We succeeded, but then realised that it was a bad idea to leave a portal to an inhabited world open for a world-eating demon, and that we could not close it. So, change of plan, we stopped running and fought the demon, while the demon started to unravel the world. He also turned out to be able to make people into his minions if he touched them, curse us with rotten luck (making every rolled 2 into a 1), stole spiritual power to heal himself, and attacked with ice and energy bolts.

Fortunately, a combination of heavy armour and good hiding skills made the minions not as effective as they could have been, a well-timed combination of countermagicks and gunfire got through the demon's defences , and finally the demon (with significant help from our busy spider) got himself stuck while trying to cross between the material world and the spirit world, allowing us two rounds of free shots against him. And then the spirits of order (Paradox spirits, for those who know the setting), also called by our spider, appeared and dragged off what was left of bad guy. (Not much. Our dragon can breathe fire.) Knowing that a paradox spirit would arrive soon badly cramped my style -- I only did countermagick during the whole battle.

It should be noted that this was not part of a job we did for our patron spirit. This was supposed to be a vacation.

Also, Cat has not told us how the demon got free...

The archive is now broken, but we have downloaded a lot of music, poetry, and enough books on philosophy, metaphysics and comparative theology to keep our werewolf happy for years, trying to find the key to universal peace and understanding.

The night to Saturday I dreamt of rotting corpses that I knew I had to clean up sooner or later. Night to Sunday, I dreamt I was doing my job. I could see the lines of code I was debugging in my dream, and every time I thought I fixed it I got new requirements. Consensus over breakfast was that dreaming of rotting corpses is OK, dreaming of having to tidy up is a warning, and dreaming of work is a sign of approaching insanity and means that one needs to change one's ways.

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Date:June 22nd, 2009 01:49 pm (UTC)


Thanks for a wonderful synopsis.

I enjoyed myself a lot. And am looking forward to the next insane installment of Meltin' Pot.

Take care of yourself.
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