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More about CoE, expectations, and Hollywood - The Lyorn's Den

Wed Jul. 15th, 2009

12:28 am - More about CoE, expectations, and Hollywood

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I had a hell of a CoE flashback today at singing lesson for no good reason at all and came home as if I had been in a collision accident with a low-flying frying pan. And I had an idea that might not go anywhere but I'll put it here so I don't forget.

It has become something like an action movie convention (not only movies, but books of similar genre, too) that when an intrepid hero or a small gang of the righteous takes on a corrupt and evil government, the heroes will succeed and the government will be exposed and fall. "Public Enemy No. 1", "The Siege", "Absolute Power", or going to books, "Little Brother" -- those all take a very bleak view on power and corruption, but the heroes manage to out the crimes, avert the threat, save themselves and their loved ones, get justice to prevail and walk away triumphant.

You see where this is going. CoE is using the standard set-up for this and has is play out as expected right up to the point where Lois has the full attention of the Cabinet and Ianto and Jack are facing the alien. And then it turns left, never to get back to anything resembling the well-worn plot line. Power might not win all it planned to, but it can escape mostly unscathed and crush the heroes on its way. No weapons, no friends, no hope, and still no choice but to save the world, at whatever cost to life and heart and soul, because that's what heroes do.

I have been thinking more about what flederkatz called a "John Constantine moment", and am now wondering if the character of John Constantine created a similar dark mirror to the superhero genre, not deconstructing it like "Watchmen" did, but showing the price of saving the world from vast powers.

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DVDs arrived today. Will have to re-watch and think some more.

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