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Last weekend: Role playing - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Sun Aug. 30th, 2009

12:28 am - Last weekend: Role playing

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Again we only had a short weekend for our WoD Crossover RPG, because our GM was at a whiskey tasting on Friday, and arrived at David's place Saturday early with her boyfriend and a hangover. The rest of us still came in later than she, because we had longer drives or more traffic jams.

After beating the demon mage last time, we spend a little more time sifting through the ruins of the city-spaceship, and finally our employer, the Duke, proclaimed the expedition a success and had us pack up, so he could get home and brag to his heart's content to his peers, while we could have parties and presentations at the adventurers' guild. We brought some broken glass and some trinkets from the ruins -- of course, our major treasure was the downloads we had done while the ship was still functional. As the werewolf's player was currently backpacking in Asia, we "parked" the character with his nose in books about universal spiritual harmony, and returned to the steampunk world we had started the expedition from.

Only to find that some pirates had stolen our ship and killed the three crewmen we had left with it. That pissed us off mightily, especially as we were hundreds of miles from civilisation in a frozen tundra. Attempts to lure the pirates back by highly visible fires failed. However, a tribe of nomads told us about several small settlements on floating islands not too far away, and we flew to one of them to rent, steal or seize an airship so we could go after the pirates. (We can get the whole company in the air, but our flying speed is roughly that of a fast bicycle [and not one ridden by the Brujah ante... sorry, bad running joke], and insufficient to hunt down an airship.)

We found the ship of our dreams in a small smugglers' outpost that we totally overawed with the glory of our presence (our vampire has a trick up his sleeve to that effect): A damn fast experimental model with afterburners like some racing pod, and somehow bigger on the inside. The ship's owner (captain, designer, and crew, all in one short lizard person) was enthusiastic about the challenge, and we caught up with the pirates in about a day.

Taking our ship back was ridiculously easy and led to us staring at each other, vaguely green in the faces, and say, "OMG, we are monsters." There were nine pirates on the ship, two of them shape-shifters, in three groups of three in the mess hall, on the bridge and in engineering. We were eight in our group, and went after the pirates in three teams of two, with Cat disabling the ship's artillery and the dragon covering the ship's upper deck, just in case. We got the ship back in two combat rounds, with only two shots fired (one going off by accident when the pirate dropped the gun), and took three prisoners.

The prisoners we sent to the next settlement's authorities, their flying dinosaurs we kept as loot and sold at the next large market, and within a week we were back at the Empire's capital and being feted by the adventurer's guild. My character enjoyed one night of fame, dancing, and flirting with cute guys, but all the scientists and archaeologists bored her, so the immie and she argued that we should go to a classy seaside resort, laze around, drink margaritas, and go scuba diving without the scuba. That we did.

Our patron spirit was still silent, and for some reason none of us felt like signing up for another adventure through the guild. We had a chronometer stolen from a rogue Time Agent -- in fact, we had stolen three of these gadgets over time, but one is with a perpetually absent player, and the third one Cat stole just before we left, in case we ever needed a spare -- and my character magically set it to the steampunk world, because it was a place we would all like to go back to someday. In theory it's possible to travel between timelines with these things, but we didn't steal the manual. So we are just using it for navigation. Then we went to the nearest world portal (that specific world was just teeming with portals, many of them stable), the vampire donned protective clothing (you never know what the next sun will be...), and we stepped through.


After the playing, we talked some meta about the best way to handle large high powered groups. Presenting them with an opponent who is not just "more of the same" (a more powerful demon, a bigger dragon, a larger undead horde) or reducing their power level, is really difficult. The most worthy opponents at this level are systems and institutions, and the usual reaction of a high-power group is to avoid them or attack their HQ. So you have to stop them (or make it not worth their while) doing that, which means you need a threat (or nuisance) which starts low-key and strikes at unexpected moments. Those moments will be when the group is not together, because a group that large won't be joined at the hip 24/7. But when you do this, you have a lot of time slices where 6 people or so will be reading, or playing World or Warcraft, or something, while one to three have the spotlight, and that makes for a very slow moving story. And with us having maybe three weekends a year to play, it might be too slow-moving.

OTOH, we have done something like that before...



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Date:September 1st, 2009 07:51 am (UTC)
Gosh, when I read this I thought: What a whaky adventure. - People must think I am crazy or something...

Well... as long as you had fun ^^
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Date:September 1st, 2009 11:42 am (UTC)
That one was completely harmless, really. Have you read my write-up of the previous one? <veg>

And you know I'm telling stories that way on purpose, and the purpose is, more fun for me to tell them whacky than straight.

I haven't yet got the doodle link from you?
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