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Boring personal stuff - The Lyorn's Den

Thu Sep. 24th, 2009

02:31 pm - Boring personal stuff

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I seem to have lost some serious weight -- I don't have scales, but I know that I have lost some serious centimetres. In March I bought trousers, #1 was "OK, a little tight around the waist, maybe", #2 was "too tight to sit down in, but I'll be going on vacation in May so it will be fine then". In January, going to the opera, I wore my "looks great" jeans, and they were so tight in the waist that I regretted it halfway through the second act.

Today I noticed that it's a good thing summer trousers #1 have a drawstring, or they'd fall off me. "Looks great" jeans have been my comfy jeans all summer.

The "buttons are straining" shirts are slowly unstraining.

So, that's one to two clothes sizes down.
Which is nice.
Kind of.

Only, I have been extremely stable in size for the last nine years. (After recovering from the Horrible Winter where I propped up my sanity with lots of pasta.) So this is a little strange, too. No idea if it will stay that way, or change again, or go further down, or whatever.

Also, when my mother sees that, you can bet Betan dollars to sand that the truce we had about food will be over. She's coming to visit in two weeks. Won't that be fun.

I think I'll try just lying.

(To all those who don't know me personally, not to overrate this whole drama: I'm still fat. Just somewhat less so.)

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