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Some days... - The Lyorn's Den

Thu Oct. 26th, 2006

04:04 pm - Some days...

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I didn't sleep well. The covers were far too hot for the room temperature (about 20°C), but room temperature was too low and the draft from the AC too strong to do without them, and because of the strange way beds are made here (sheet, cover, sheet, and all this stuffed tightly under a thick mattress) is wasn't possible to stick out parts of myself to cool, it's all or nothing. Plus, the mattress is very soft, which makes it very hot, too, and my back hated it, my left leg got numb again, which caused me to panic, as usual, and you can't sleep when you're panicking. I read for another hour, but at half past two I couldn't keep my eyes open yet couldn't sleep. I was thirsty, but the water from the tabs smelled horribly of chlorine (sometimes it does so, sometimes it doesn't), and I was out of mineral water. Finally I got fed up with everything, got a spare sheet from the closet, took one of the pillows (which are quite fine) and slept on the floor. I must have woken during the night and crawled back into bed, because that's where I woke up, but even though I slept until half past nine (I need not arrive at work before 10, I'm lucky) I felt groggy and disoriented.

Outside, it was already warm, though some trees were shedding yellow leaves. I wonder if they expect frost, or if they are just shedding out of habit.

Ten to ten is usually just barely early enough to get to work on time. Only, this time there was a traffic jam on the freeway and the ramp where I should have exited was closed. The next ramp led unto another freeway, and it took me a lot of maneuvering to finally arrive at the office, half an hour late. But then, with my kind of luck (the luck of children, fools and drunkards), no one had noticed.

Next I tried to enter my travel expenses into the tool the company uses for this, and as this tool was created by evil gnomes (I wonder if David Lennier knows anything about it... Unseelie Nockers, maybe?), after two hours I had severely gnawed fingernails and not managed to enter anything useful.

As I said, some days. And it's not over yet...