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My boring life - The Lyorn's Den

Sun Jan. 31st, 2010

01:02 am - My boring life

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I had a long, hard day of doing things which are not especially hard or noteworthy. Got a used chair from someone living in the next town, and somewhat up the hill, so I had fun maneuvering the car through snow-drifts. In the city there was the candlemas market where you can buy simple things impossible to get elsewhere, like cotton socks. I then trucked through seven shops to buy assorted small stuff that you couldn't get elsewhere, either, and through five more (including one in the Shopping Mall of Nightmares) to get a sports bra that fit my new shape. The fifth shop had both what I was looking for and a nice saleswomen with very red lipstick who helped me find it.

Then I went to the gym to try out what I hoped would be remedial lessons for the gross-motorically challenged. It was not remedial. I could do about 1/3 of that stuff and fell down a few times (flat on my face once). At least it hurt less than yoga: Only most of the exercises hurt, not all, and nothing hurt badly enough to make my eyes water. I'll see if I can walk tomorrow, or Monday, and then decide if I'll try to continue doing this stuff. It *has* to be possible to learn how to walk and chew gum at the same time, damnit!

*Are* there classes for people who are not disabled but just happened to have rolled really bad on their Dex during character creation?

Also, it was cold and damp the whole day, and what few minutes of sunshine there were, I was driving.

Oh, and yesterday I saw a giant snowman (woman?) when walking home. Hir shoulder was higher than I could reach. I wonder how they got the head on.

Still not writing, and spending too much time on the internet. This is getting ridiculous.