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Bicycling experiment

For close to 4 years now I am bicycling to work if the weather is kind-of-OK (not freezing, not more than 32°C, no rain or thunderstorms) and I can make the time. (This years was not good for bicycling, but anyway.)

For close to 4 years, everyone who I told said, "Are your driving along the canal? You really should, you know..." But I never did.

Yesterday, still a bit short on breath because of a lingering cold, I decided not to brave busy main roads, complex left turns, posters for a show of giant vermin, and 17 traffic lights, and instead go for the unknown.Collapse )

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Butter rules

Notes to self:

For yeast dough, put the butter in when you start the second stage. Later, and it won't bind well. Kneading by hand will fix it after a while.

For shortcrust, use cold or soft butter.

For crumble, use very cold butter in thin slices, or it will become shortcrust.

Pay attention when baking. It's not a forgiving craft.


I *do* know all that.

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Food: Sweet Potato Soup

Today's supper for two (would have fed three if I had had bread, but we were only two, so that was fine):

Chop a small onion or a shallot and gently brown it in butter.

Peel one sweet potato (about 400 grams) and dice. Cook in enough water (~ 1 litre) with tiny bit (about 1 teaspoon) of instant veggie or chicken broth, a laurel leaf, and a small twig of rosemary. When soft, add a package (200 grams) of pre-cooked chestnuts and let it simmer for about 5 minutes.

Take out the laurel leaf and the rosemary. Puree the soup. Add more water if needed. Do not bring to boil again, it will attack you.

Take off the heat, add chili flakes, salt (not too much) and ground black pepper to taste, and a splash of sweet cream.

Crumble 100 grams of mild greek sheep cheese and add to the bowls. (Note that the cheese is salty!)


In other news, ankle is getting better. Only hurting a bit now.

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I slept in this morning and got nightmares for it. I tried to dodge something, or run away, and twisted my amanged ankle so far that the pain woke me up.

I considered what I had just seen and done and learned, and thought, "This makes no sense at all. It must have been a nightmare." And then, "Just because it makes no sense at all does not mean it's not real..."

At which point I got up, put on my ankle brace and made coffee.

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Still at home

And likely to be for the next week, too, because while mornings are fine, afternoons are still quite bad, and sitting at a desk (or at the piano) for more than one hour feels as if beavers are gnawing at my ankle from the inside. At least the swelling is kind-of down (only 1.5 cm more around than the other ankle, down from 3), I can walk without a stick (most of the day), and the sock-sized bruise is down to pale yellow and a few purple blotches. I am very annoyed that this is taking so long and argueing vainly with nature.

I went to the pool yesterday, that was kind-of OK, but with very weak legwork I could do only 750 metres, and it took me 35 minutes. However, it was nice and cool. (Ankle *hates* heat. No socks, no bedcovers, no warm water, no massage, or the beavers will wake and go to work.)

I made plans for the library/piano room. Maybe I can get up from the sofa today and make some pictures of the table, and offer it up on ebay. It's the wrong table for that room, because it's a living room (or dining room) table, it seats four to six and can be used as a desk if needed, but it is not the right size or shape for a library or guest room.

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