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21 February
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I'm lying about my age.
My age is not any of your business.

I'm not lying about my birthday, so you can still send me cookies.

What I write about.

Jul 19th 2009: I have changed the content setting to "adult" for language and boring adult concepts like work and having to do the dishes. If that causes anyone trouble, please tell me.

Jul 26th 2009: Note on friending -- I friend LJs if I want their content on my friends page. I unfriend when I (for reasons of content or reading time) don't anymore. The other way around, you can friend or unfriend me for any reason with or without telling me.

Oct 11th 2012: I have changed the content setting back to "everyone". If a kid gets traumatised for life by learning about how boring adult life can be, they can do what I didn't and become an astronaut, or a rock star, or go find a cure for cancer.